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Baseband Processors

   Transcede SoC
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  Transcede SoC

Mindspeed features one of the largest small cell software, systems and SoC development groups in the wireless infrastructure sector today, with the complementary IP scale and expertise to deliver the advanced solutions this fast-moving market demands. With the global resources we added as a result of our 2012 acquisition of Picochip Ltd, Mindspeed enables customers to fully capitalize on the rapid acceleration of the small cell market as the industry moves toward fixed/mobile broadband convergence.

Mindspeed has the number one position in deployed small cell processors worldwide with 70 percent market share in 3G/HSPA deployments, one of the largest LTE small cell design engagement pipelines and the only TD-SCDMA SoC on the market. We offer the broadest portfolio of small cell SoC solutions available and are positioned to help OEMs and carriers seamlessly transition to next generation multi-mode 3G/4G small cell solutions.

Our portfolio of base station semiconductor solutions serves residential to enterprise to pico/metro applications. Our enhanced product roadmap for single- and multi-mode 3G/4G solutions will enable our customers to capitalize on the rapid acceleration of the small cell wireless base station market, while also addressing comprehensive support for all 3G and 4G global air interface standards.

Scalable System-on-Chip Solutions for Next-Generation Mobile Networks

Our Transcede 4000 processor was named 2010's ‘Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough' at the Mobile Excellence Awards (MEA) in December 2010.  Since that time, we have expanded our product family to include the latest 3G/HSPA residential and enterprise solutions developed by Picochip.  With our acquisition of Picochip, Mindspeed customers will benefit from a variety of established products including semiconductors, software and system solutions that allow cellular network operators to deliver innovative voice and data services. With market-leading femtocell modems that enable network equipment OEMs to create new infrastructure products quickly and at low risk, Mindspeed now delivers femtocell SoC products that are powering femtocell rollouts around the world.



Transcede® 1000 PC 3G Femtocell SoC
Transcede® 2000 LTE / Dual-mode Femtocell SoC
Transcede® 3000 LTE / Dual-mode Small Cell SoC
Transcede® 4000 LTE Wireless Baseband Processor


PC202 Multi-RAN Femtocell SoC
PC203 HSPA/HSPA+ Residential Femtocell SoC
PC205 Multi-core DSP For Wireless Infrastructure
PC302 Single-chip Four-user HSPA+ Femtocell SoC
PC312 HSPA/HSPA+ SOHO Femtocell SoC
PC323 Enterprise Small Cell SoC: 24-user HSPA+
PC333 Public Access Small Cell SoC: 32-user, LABS
PC3008 HSPA/HSPA+ Residential/SOHO Femotcell SoC
PC3024 Enterprise Small Cell SoC: 24-user HSPA+
PC3032 Public Access Small Cell SoC: 32-user LABS
M84210LTE Femtocell SoC
M84220LTE/WCDMA Femtocell SoC
M84300 LTE Enterprise Femtocell
M84311Baseband Processor
M84313Baseband Processor
M84000Transcede 4000 Wireless Baseband Processor (600MHz)
M84020Transcede 4000 Wireless Baseband Processor (750MHz)
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